West Highland Way

From Milngavie you can embark on one of the most stunning walks of your life.  The West Highland Way has been a favourite with many over the years and thousands come to Milngavie from all over the world each year to experience some of the finest scenery on the 95 mile route to Fort William. 

Sections of the Way from the southern end may be more suitable for less experienced walkers or families.  For those planning the complete route it is suggested the walk can be completed in a week, averaging 13 miles (21km) per day. 

The benches were kindly gifted by Marks & Spencer in October 2001, and for many are the last “sit down” they will get for a good few miles.

For further information visit the official website

Start planning your trip. Find details of where to stay in Milngavie, places to eat and local shops for those last minute purchases. Don’t forget the midgie repellent!